Institutional Strengthening

Within the Institutional Strengthening program aims to strengthen her members’ capacity to deliver their mandate. IRCK in partnership with Management Sciences for Health (MSH), Pact Inc., Danya International, and the Regional AIDS Training Network (RATN) implemented a five (5) year Institutional Strengthening project that aimed at strengthening ten (10) areas of:

And they are:


  1. Governance and leadership
  2. Organizational planning and resource mobilization
  3. Financial planning and management
  4. Grants and sub-grants management
  5. Human resource management capacity
  6. Communication, information and records management
  7. Project management
  8. Monitoring and evaluation
  9. Advocacy, networking and alliance building
  10. Branding and marking.


The funding by the United States Agency for International Development/Kenya (USAID/Kenya opened doors for the engagement with the FANIKISHA Institutional Technical Advisors leading to IRCK capacity,